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Hotels in Czech republic

Czech republic is an important travel destination. According to estimates of the travel agencies there were some 30 mil. foreign nationals visiting Czechia in 2016. Most of it were one day visitors that did not use accommodation in hotels. Out of the total estimated number about one third travelled to Prague, one day visitors came mainly to border areas like mountains etc. For travellers that arrived as tourists, the most interesting destinations were Prague, then places like Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary and other spa and tourist places.

Nationalitiy of the visitors. From the people that travelled to Czechia in 2016 the highest number was from Germany (some 40 %), second place was held by Slovakia (12 %), in the third place there are citizens of Austria (9 %). These are total numbers including people that did not spend night in Czechia. If we take only those that stayed over night then the highest percentage of them were also from Germany (16 %), then Italy (8 %) and Britain (8 %). Number of Russian visitors dropped dramatically after the sanctions introduced aganinst Russia, and visa obstructions practiced against citizens of Russia.

In 2012 the average hotel occupancy rate was 67 percent annually. Traditionally best results were achieved by hotels in Prague. Hotels in Prague were occupied at an average rate of 76 percent. Tourist have stayed there on average 2.6 days. Quite well were doing hotels in the region of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Frantiskovy lazne (Franzensbad) and Marianske lazne (Marienbad). Guests were staying there on average for 5.17 days. Hotel owners also profited from the popularity of the international film festival in Karlovy Vary that is visited by people from all over Europe.

After the slight fall of prices in 2011 the accommodation price in Czech hotels has increased. In 2012 the average room price has increased by 128 CZK to 1151 CZK and returned to the level of previous years. The 2012 has been a record year in many aspects. Some 13 million guest have stayed in Czech hotels, i.e. by 8 percent more than in the previous one.

In Prague there are some 440 hotels. When we are looking for hotel to purchase there are not that many opportunities to buy a hotel in Prague. In the category of hotels with fifty and plus rooms, nearly none are for sale. Those that may be available for purchase are not advertised and are offered by agent on confidentiality basis. In the some 30 rooms there used to be relatively many offers to sell, however during the last year most of them were sold. We have to say that the interest to acquire hotel in Prague has risen very significantly. Generally we can say that hotel business is doing well in Czech republic and a purchase of a hotel there might be money well invested.

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