Gardens below Prague Castle

Character of castles and chateaux in Czech republic

On the territory of Czechia there were in middle ages castles nearly in every village. High percentage of these castles survived to this day and are in pretty good condition. There are now mainly state musemus, schools, clinics or private residences. But nearly half of them have not found suitable utilisation. Either the heirs were not able to come up with sensible business plan, or they do not have enough finances for refurbishment of the desolate structures.

After the second world war most chateaux and castles were nationalised and in the beginning of the nineties more than one half of them were returned to the heirs of the original owners. Those that were confiscated as the property of the Nazis and their collaborators remained in state hands. Some castles were sold to private hands by the municipalities. The new owners in most cases did not have any emotional bonds to the newly acquired property and decided to sell them. In the chateaux that are now for sale there are usually many historical and architectural elements preserved - like frescoes, stuccos, chaples, fireplaces etc. Most of the chateax and castles are for the first time mentioned in written documents some 700 years ago.

At the moment it is possible to buy 8 chateaux in Czechia that are in good condition, most of these would cost between two and five million euro. But there are some that can be purchased for less than one million euro. Others cost up till 7.5 mil. euro like the castle in English gothic style on the hill with large park. They are in good condition, after refurbishment with all the luxuries that one would expect in such marvellous residences of enterpreneurs or nobility.

Large chateau with park before refurbishment can be purchased for 220,000 euro like the one here . The price depends not only on the physical condition of the property but very often rather on its proximity to Prague or other large city.

Majority of chateaux in Czech republic are now in baroque, rococo or neoclassicism architectural styles. Gothic and renaissance period is less common. In the 19th century when historical romanticism became fashionable, many chateaux were rebuilt in a mixture of architectural styles.

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