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Hotels in Czechia and Slovakia

Czech Republic is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. According to statistics some 20 million tourists visited Czech hotels. Out of this number there were 10.2 million foreigners and 9.8 million Czechs. Most foreigners came from Germany, nearly two million, from Slovakia some 688 thousand tourists arrived. On the third place were 588 thousand visitors from Poland.

According to latest statistics the average hotel occupancy rate of Czech hotels was 67 %. Traditionally the best results were reached by hotels in Prague. Average occupancy rate of Prague hotels was 77 %. After lower prices in 2011 the average price of hotel rooms recovered to pre crises levels and continues to rise.

Hotel business in Slovakia flourishes as well. In 2018 the number of tourists there again reached record levels of little over 5 million guests. Most foreigners come from Czechia, Slovak hotel guests represented 60 % of hotel guests in the country. Number of foreign tourists has risen by 8 percent.

In 2017 there were some 3.5 thousand hotels and guest houses in Slovakia, in Bratislava alone 237. In last couple of years the number of tourists continues to rise, the number of Slovak hotels remains constant. In Prague capital of Czechia there are 450 hotels, in the whole of Czechia approximately 9000 hotel and guest houses.

In Prague there are few hotels for sale , mainly of those that have more than 50 rooms. Among hotels with less than 30 rooms there are some interesting properties for sale in Prague and many more in other regions. In Slovakia the main interest of investors concentrates on the capital Bratislava and mountain resorts of Vysoke Tatry and Nizke Tatry. In Bratislava hotel capacities are more than enough to satisfy current demand. Therefore one should rather invest in Slovak hotels in the mountains. It should be mentioned that Slovakia´s neighbours e.g. Hungary and Poland have only few mountain tourist resorts and therefore Slovakia is an obvious choice for their citizens.

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