Prague Castle

Prague 4, excelent place for living in Prague

Description and photographs

Most pleasant for living are the quarters of Prague 4 that extend to the south from Prague 2 anlongside river. We are talking about the quarters Podolí, Braník, Hodkovičky and Modřany. The proximity of the river influences these quarter positively in two ways. First it is a very picturesque to look at there are endless possibilities for recreation there. Secondly the river valley provides a quick channel for transport connection with the city centre. By tram and by four lane street with no traffic jams. The tram operates reliably according to timetable. From Podoli it is possible to walk to the centre, from the quarter Branik it will take 15 minutes by tram, from Hodkovicky and Modrany maximum 20 minutes.

In addition to the infrastructure like schools, clinics, shopping centres this part of Prague offers many possibilities for relaxation and entertainment. Much more than other parts of Prague. Along the river there are many sports clubs, restaurants, lanes for walking, cycling and in line skating. In Podoli there is a yacht club, aqua stadium with three large swimming pools, rowing and canoeying clubs, tennis courts, in Hodkovicky and Modrany there is a golf course with nice club facilities including restaurant and café.

There is a lot of greenery there, from many points there is a wonerful view of the Prague castle. Villa quarters have existed here already before the world war, now they are being refurbished or new mor comfortable villas and family houses are being built. Villa quarters in Prague 4 are more pleasant for living than e.g. Hanspaulka in Prague five that lives from its old glory but does not have that much to offer nowadays. Many very rich people have bought villas namely in Prague 4.

restaurant of the sports centre in Branik
golf club Hodkovicky in Prague 4

Tennis courts near the river in Branik Prague 4
Cycling lane in Prague 4

Golf club Hodkovicky
apartments in Prague 4 Branik